Water Damage




Has your building been affected by water damage or flooding? If you have experienced an unexpected equipment leak or storm flooding, it’s important to take action quickly to prevent further damage. If the situation is not handled promptly and carefully, mold and other harmful bacteria may begin to grow and structural damage can worsen. When you need quality water damage restoration service, you can rely on the team at ColorTex to bring your home back to its original condition or better! We have the advanced equipment and extensive manpower needed to clean and restore your home after water damage.  

We are also your East Tennessee Mold Remediation experts. Mold can be found in many areas of your home: Attic, Bathrooms, Basement, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Room, Garage, and Carpets & Hardwoods. Mold spores are very tiny, light-weight, and easily-detached by airflow, vacuuming, walking on carpet, or sitting on a couch. In indoor environments mold spores grow in carpets, hardwoods, walls & any porous materials. They produce and release millions of spores, which are small enough to stay airborne, threatening to invade the human respiratory system. Our state of the art processes and equipment will remove the mold and give you a healthier home. 

Call ColorTex today for your water damage or mold removal estimate or to schedule an on-site inspection and quote. Don't forget to ask about our Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation Specials and discounts for multiple services! 

Water DAmamge Kitchen Greeneville TN
Water Damage Restoration Greeneville TN

Appliance Leak Cleanup 

Don’t try cleaning up these machine leaks yourself. Water can often seep into small cracks in walls, flooring, and other hard to reach places. Our experts will assess the extent of the damage and provide the necessary cleanup for the job.

Busted Water Pipes

If your pipes freeze and flood your home we are on stand by 24-7 with the state of the art drying equipment and 20 years of experience behind us. God forbid this ever happens to you, but if it does you want a company with the experience you deserve and a perfect track record to extract the water and dry out the structure properly to prevent any mold problems later on.

Greeneville TN Mold Removal

Mold Remediation and Removal

Untreated mold in your home is hazardous to health and can ruin the structural integrity of a property. It thrives in any area that has limited ventilation. Your crawl spaces, basements, and attics are some of the familiar places that mold inhabit. If you're bent on getting mold growth under control, you'll need a Mold Removal specialist. our technicians are experts at sanitizing your home and killing toxic bacteria.

Flood Damage Repair

Storm and Flood Restoration

 Storms and floods can cause some of the most extensive damage to buildings. If your location has been compromised by such damage, rely on experts to provide quality drying and cleaning services.

Water Damamge Restoration Tri-Cities TN

Carpet Water Damage 

 Don’t let your soggy carpet sit around for long. Our team can extract the water for you and assess the condition of your carpet. If salvageable, we will complete the process with cleaning and drying. We provide carpet removal services in cases of extensive water damage.

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